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The Gardenia in this is so creamy and the musk which is the main reason I buy his scents is perfect!

It’s sweet but not too sweet it’s just beautiful if you ask me.

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It smells great, isn’t offensive, and has the best floral combo I’ve ever had the joy of smelling. This reminds me so much of the tuberose of Cacharel Lou Lou. I love perfumes with musk and floral with woody notes and this one is just that. The dry down is more beautiful than the first spray. Narciso Rodriguez creates some of the most sophisticated and feminine fragrances today. Rubber and marshmallows for the first 45 minutes or so. Musk is one of those notes that really has to blend with my skin before it comes into being and after I wait out the weirdness it coalesces into the intoxicatingly magical "Narciso Musk Experience." This one isn't my favorite, but I have yet to try one that I don't like; and they all have at least a bit of "wrist crack" for me.

Out of all the Narciso scents this one is my favorite.

I think the Rose, cedars, and vetiver help tie this fragrance together.

This lasts on me for hours and heat intensifys it so for me I prefer to wear this in cool weather. I feel so girly and feminine when I wear his scents on top of that I think this perfume is just awesome. I absolutely love NRFR EDT and knew I had to try another fragrance from this designer. Creamy gardenia, clean musk, and toasted woods equal perfection.

The bottle is simple: square, milky white with the name printed in black letters. 9: B9 was the door that opened me to Gardenia and I haven’t looked back since. Not overly feminine, and just smooth, and creamy,sufficiently musky, and soothing.

The face of the perfume is a model Raquel Zimmermann. I bought some for my sister for Christmas two years ago. This should have been labelled as a unisex fragrance, since it's a bit too strong to be a women's fragrance.

A really sexy and intimate scent...brings to mind clean warm skin dusted with talc powder. Narciso really knows how to make a woman smell sexy. It has a soft, powdery, creamy smell, very warm and makes you want to nuzzle. It is lovely in a small cloud around me for hours, can even still catch whiffs after waking up if I apply it in the afternoon or evening. I'm not a huge fan of musk and I can't wear the NR for her line in the tall bottles. I have it since Christmas 2015 and sometimes forget how beautiful it really is.

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